How to start your own professional Arsenal blog, for dummies

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In the last few years there’s been a boom in supporters wanting to get their thoughts out and write about the almighty Arsenal. But without any design skills or knowledge about web development, it’s not easy starting a blog that reflects professionalism. This guide will go through the full process of getting a WordPress blog […]

90/10 equation

The 90/10 equation: why Arsenal will never reach true success under Wenger

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The day after yet another embarrassment. It has become somewhat of a recurring theme at Arsenal to wake up with a sense of shame after watching the team run around like headless chickens against a vastly inferior team, so why was this one any different than any of the numerous embarrassments we’ve endured in the last ten years?

Peacocks of the football world: how Arsenal need a change in strategy

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It’s well-known that Arsene Wenger isn’t a fan of adapting to opposition tactics, opting instead for the ‘come at me, bro’ gameplan. On numerous occasions, Le Boss has been adamant that the opposition will have to deal with us, not the other way around. But in a world where some clubs have near-limitless resources, this […]

Arsenal 4-1 Galatasaray

Arsenal 4-1 Galatasaray: Has the penny finally dropped?

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It’s a well-known fact that Arsène Wenger is an avid reader of Arsenal Report. Luckily for us all, we managed to publish our Tottenham match report in time for the Galatasaray game. Had we failed to, Arsène would have missed our tactical assessment highlighting the flaws in playing Mesut Özil as a left winger, and […]

Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham

Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham: Too much foreplay and very little penetration

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After one of the most highly anticipated North London derbys in recent seasons, it’s clear the only thing that went to plan was the pre-match show of support organised by REDaction. Banners with ’49 Unbeaten’, ‘Believe’ and ‘Arsenal – The Greatest Club; The Greatest City’ dominated the North Bank, but there were very few signs […]

Left-wing Özil

Dear Arsene Wenger, your tactics and choices are weird. Love, everyone.

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Wenger has been in the top tier of football for 15+ years. Compared to us supporters and hobbyists, his experience and wisdom on the topic is impossible to measure. He is smarter than we are. He has infinitely more experience than we do. But as Louis CK says: it doesn’t mean he’s right, it just means that even if he’s wrong, his wrongness is rooted in more information than we have.

2014-2015 Season Preview

The almighty Premier League 2014-2015 season preview

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Now that the transfer window has slammed shut, it’s time for us to take stock of the business done and look at how the teams shape up for the new campaign. With all of the big teams heavily active this summer it looks like we’re in for another Premier League spectacular, but what can we expect from each team in the league?

MiniManager - Fantasy Footbal Reinvented

MiniManager has launched – a new era of fantasy football

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After many months of planning, designing, coding, implementing, testing, and drinking beer, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of MiniManager – Fantasy Football Reinvented. What started out as a fun side project for Arsenal supporters has evolved into us finding investment and starting a company to give the platform the attention it needs.

Arsenal History Series

Arsenal History Series, Pt. I: A glimpse into the birth of Arsenal

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October, 1886. At the Royal Arsenal munitions factory in South-East London arrive two Nottingham Forest players; Morris Bates and Fred Beardsley. Inspired by their arrival, David Danskin decides to form a football team with his friends Elijah Watkins, Richard Pearce and John ‘Jack’ Humble. As word begins to spread of this new football team, another […]

Spain Tiki-Taka

Tiki-taka is dead: Spain's early exit puts a nail in the possession coffin

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A humbling 0-2 loss to an energetic and tricky Chile side means Spain are out of the 2014 World Cup after only two games played. What once was a team full of superstars in their prime playing tiki-taka is now a team full of good players on the decline playing, well…tiki-taka.

Cesc Fabregas

The Fabregas saga, part II: What the hell is Mourinho smoking?

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Cesc Fabregas, despite being quoted more than once saying he’d never play for another English team than Arsenal, has signed for José Mourinho’s Chelsea. The biggest question mark of all is why Mourinho would even want Fabregas in his team. Not because of polarising philosophies (Mourinho isn’t the same bus-parking strategist as he was in his first stint with Chelsea, or with Inter Milan), but rather because Fabregas is notoriously positionally undisciplined – and positioning is something Mourinho’s whole system and strategy depends on.

Roberto Firmino

The hunt for a striker: what are our alternative transfer options?

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The transfer window is buzzing with names. Familiar names, less familiar names, and…familiar names. Who we’re linked to seems to depend on one or all of three things: 1) whatever name is actually leaked from the club, and/or 2) whoever has at least 75 overall score on FIFA14, and/or 3) whoever has at least 170 potential ability in Football Manager.

Injury Breakdown

2013-2014 Season injury breakdown: Something's fishy at Colney

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We started the Injury Room in July last year, in an effort to keep track of the massive number of injuries at the club. Arsenal have had the most injuries per year in the Premier League, possibly even Europe, every single year since records began (2002). Arsene Wenger promised a comprehensive investigation into the matter, although one might wonder why it took 12 years for him to react.

Blog with us!

Blog With Us! Arsenal Report opening its blogging platform to the public

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After a few years of exclusively focusing on tactical match reports and in-depth editorials, Arsenal Report have decided to expand and open up the platform to the public. Instead of just focusing on curated content from a small group of pre-approved writers, we want to utilise the platform we’ve built and improved upon since we […]

The Not So Live Report #1 – 24/05/2014 – Bendtner, Fàbregas, Madrid

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In the first edition of The Not So Live Report we talk about the long overdue departure of Paddy Power pants man, errant rumors of interest in everybody’s favorite Spaniard and the upcoming Champions League Final between two clubs from a small town called Madrid.

Arsenal 2-0 Fulham

Arsenal 2-0 Fulham: Hi I'm Santi Cazorla, I'll be the bane of your existence

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Santi Cazorla made the difference with two second half goals to keep Arsenal at the top of the Premier League. The gunners maintain their scintillating form in the second half of the season with five consecutive Premier League wins.

Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal

Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal: It seems revenge is a dish best served dirty

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A rapid two strikes within a minute from Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud were enough for Arsenal to put Aston Villa to the sword and seek a little vengeance for the 3-1 opening day of the season. It wasn’t the team’s best performance this season by any means but ultimately, quality in both the front […]

Historic Wallpapers

Freebie: Selection of historic Arsenal wallpapers from 1913-1979

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No watermarks, no snazzy filters, no bullshit. Most pictures are from the Bob Wilson collection, some are of unknown origin. The quality varies, but we managed to get high resolution versions for screens up to 2560×1440 (the resolution of a 27″ iMac). Also included 1280×800 and 1440×900 dimensions for 13″ and 15″ laptops. Enjoy!

Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool: Gunners shoot holes in SAS parachute, still not title contenders

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Arsenal came out comfortably on top on Saturday night in a game that was billed the biggest of their season so far, against fellow ‘title contenders’, Liverpool. The Reds were let down by their surprisingly defensive first half tactics as they set up to counter-attack the home side but struggled to involve either Steven Gerrard […]

Midfield Overload

Midfield overload: Some shapes, formations and tactics Wenger should try

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With the £42.4m acquisition of Mesut Özil, Wenger not only boosted morale amongst supporters but also furthered a luxury problem for himself; with a team full of extremely talented central midfielders, who starts on the bench? Aaron Ramsey is currently the most in-form player in Europe, Jack Wilshere is touted to be the future England captain, Santi Cazorla was the third highest rated player in the Premier League last season, and Mesut Özil is considered to be the best #10 in the world.