Injury Room

This injury database was started in the summer of 2013. The aim is to keep track of injuries sustained by Arsenal players in as much detail as possible, so we can see patterns over time and provide our readers with highly detailed reports in the future. It can also be used as a quick check to see which of our players are currently sidelined and how long they are expected to be unavailable.

Currently Injured
  • Vesa Viljakainen

    Nice work! Could you not sort the injured players by their return date, though? Would give a better idea of their respective situations with a quick glance.

  • swerving pigeon

    The time til return means when they start training again yes?
    So until they regain match fitness it’s another 2-3 weeks on top yes?

    • Ix Techau

      No time until return means when they’re able to play again.

  • Wengers Coat

    How do you know Theo has an abdominal tear?

    • Ix Techau

      Widely reported, had surgery.

  • Raybow Bow

    thank you very much for putting the effort into produce this info. I have clicked the star

  • Kannuck gooner

    Impressive! Good work updating Theo Walcott almost real-time.

  • Josh

    Great compilation this. Would be even better if it was possible to sort the lists by clicking on the titles such as “injury type” “date” or “days out”.

  • Mirza

    thrilled about Diaby not being to far away. Hope he comes trough just fine. Fingers crossed.

  • Spartan

    It’s obvious that the medical staff are to blame.

  • James Mclaren

    So many injuries! Is this down to over-training? Players not getting enough rest? Simple bad luck?!?! Surely it’s gotta be time to give up on Diaby… I’m sure he’s been injured for the majority of his spell with us? Shame, he has shown potential but maybe he’s just not cut out for the EPL (or maybe football all together!)

  • Sok94

    Do you guys know for sure that Diaby will be back in aprx 3 weeks? Seems highly unlikely to me. Hope you are right tho! Would be perfect with Ozil and Diaby back for the FA cup semifinal. Great job with this site.

    • Mirza

      Really hope so!

    • Ix Techau

      All estimates are based on the information given out by the club. There hasn’t been much news about Diaby for a long time, but last I heard he was returning to full training in April. Could very well be wrong.

      • Sok94

        Fingers crossed! Seriously, this is beyond a joke… How can all of them be out at the same time? Will either of them be available for the Wigan game? Apart from Monreal… Cause that is not going to win us the Fa Cup :p

        • Ix Techau

          Wenger has confirmed that Diaby will return to full training on April 1st, but will take some time for him to get back to playing level.

        • Jonte

          We won the cup m8

  • Danny Parker

    Basically rubbish because they suffer setbacks in rehab and time changes anyway

    • Ix Techau

      What is rubbish?

      • Danny Parker

        The dates that are given do not correspond to when the player returns

        • Ix Techau

          It’s an estimate not an exact date, and every time a player returns from injury we get a better average for every injury. Meaning: the longer we run this list, the more accurate it will become over time. But thanks for reducing the hours and effort we have (and continue to) put into making this work, as “rubbish”.

          • Danny Parker

            Waste of your time and mine. Best of luck with your rubbish.

          • Ix Techau

            Thanks! And if you ever manage to create something, let me know.

          • Danny Parker

            Oh I will definitely, I aspire to be like yourself

          • Mirza

            I think you are doing a great job! Keep it up.

  • BernieBrunno

    This is one of the best pages for following up on injuries suffered by players. I wonder why there arent that many comments

  • hitbastank

    Just bookmarked your site. Refresh the transfer news during the summer and check out the injuries in the season. Great work!

  • mrswoo

    What are all those spurious beards on the fake players ?

  • Arsenal fan

    ozil out for three months..

  • guest

    Something is definitely wrong with arsenal’s medical staff

  • assistent

    I am surprised there isn’t a big issue about the the guy who is dealing with the personal training schedules, this is ridiculous and not just bad luck.

  • Trevor Britton

    Diaby’s pic made me chuckle. Thank you for that.

  • yids

    Youre all mugs

  • mtv663

    Paste into excel and do it you self !

  • Danny Parker

    Rubbish page geezer.

  • ptag

    total bs list… fictional – based on roumors…

  • paultugal

    The injuries could be down to the pitch.
    Your pitch has a very hard surface like a carpark.
    Manutd had same pitch installed last season and look what happened to the likes of van persie ,injured taking a corner

  • Doubledutch

    Great site – something apears to be wrong with the return date for Abou Diaby though. (2496 months)

    • Ix Techau

      No, that sounds about right.

  • Ðraconas

    lol 2495 months Diaby

  • T__C

    Diaby, Wilshere, Arteta and Debuchy all free from injury at the moment; Just Ramsey, Ox, Bellerin and Welbeck out with small tweaks.

    • Gharrid

      I’ve been waiting for this page to clear up for ages! Hopefully it’ll be blank by Sunday.

  • aymen

    finish second boys